All the tools you need for productive teaching and learning in the classroom.
Course resources

Add course resources, notes, and study materials for students. Use topics to group similar resources.

Attach files, links, and videos
Choose which resources students can see
Color-code resources for easy access
View attached PDFs and images in Newee
Download all resource attachments at once
Course assignments

Add assignments and set due dates for collecting student work. Optionally add a weighting and attach files, links, and videos.

Add special instructions for students during submission
See at a glance who has submitted and who hasn’t
Get notified when students submit
Download all submissions organized into folders for each student
Submission comments and feedback

Browse all submissions for each student, and review drafts. Add comments for work-in-progress and upload files for student feedback.

View and download drafts and final submissions
See which submissions are late
Upload files with grades and student feedback
Students can ask questions and respond to feedback
Course announcements

Keep your students up to date with announcements about important information and activities in the course.

Compose announcements with rich text
Post announcements to all students
Send announcements to students via email

And many more useful features

Custom course cover

Customize your course's cover photo by uploading your own photo or using a beautiful, high-resolution photo from Unsplash.

Course materials

Keep reference materials such as a timetables, outlines, and syllabuses in one convenient place for students to access.

Course invite code

Restrict course enrollment to invite code only. Change invite code at anytime or disable invites entirely.

Course widgets

Use widgets to embed useful content from external sites, such as a Twitter feed, Google Drive folder, or YouTube playlist.

Course calendar

Students can use the embedded course calendar to see upcoming assignments and when they are due.

Student management

Edit student details, download their submitted work, remove them from the course, or directly email one or more of them.


Stay on top of what's happening in your courses by receiving notifications for important activities.

Notification settings

Choose the types of notifications that are important to you and Newee will send only those to you via email.

Custom avatars

Use your initial as your profile picture, or choose from one of our lovely custom-designed avatars.

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